Self Sucking and Auto Fellatio

Self sucking is quite an achievement, and only 1% of men can actually suck themselves.

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It takes a special combination of a larger-than average penis, serious spinal flexibility and sheer determination to become a self-sucker.

The official term for self sucking is autofellatio - do-it-yourself fellatio. Those that can perform auto-fellatio may well be considered very lucky by the 99% of men who have tried it and failed. They're living the dream, as it were, although for most the best they can do is lick the head of their penis.

Some, like Al Eingang, can get his entire dick into his mouth, but it takes a lot of limbering up to get to that point. Al's self sucking career has seen him make numerous videos, listed below.

Why do they do it? Well, like the joke goes, because they can. For some, self sucking is the ultimate form of self love. It's a form of first-class masturbation. Sometimes it's a wonder they ever leave the house.

If you want to learn to self-suck, you may need to take up yoga. If you're not well endowed, it may still be difficult, no matter how flexible you are.

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Self Sucking Movies

There's a huge number of self-sucking porn movies out there. Now we give you a comprehensive list so you can start collecting!

Some Movies Available Online as well as on Video

Auto Fellatio 2 and Auto Fellatio 3 (also on DVD)
It must be nice being able to hear the words "open up and say ahh..." in your own voice rather than another's, huh? Come, feast your eyes upon another crew of lucky dogs.

Autofellatio Biographies
From the liner notes:
"Hot, hung and erotic men let you know that they can cum in their own mouths."
You can watch this movie online by renting it from AEBN or as a Video on Demand at Gamelink for $7.95.

Go Fuck Yourself (DVD)
Incredible footage of men who can get their weiner right into their butts. They describe the pleasure of self-fucking as being "unbelievable".
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Head Over Heels
Another compilation of gorgeous men loving themselves in the best possible way.
Head Over Heels 2 is also available.
I Can Suck My Own Dick
And how! More fabulous self sucking adventures. A must-have autofellatio video
Mouth Organ (also on DVD)
From the liner notes:
"No one can love you until you love yourself... They blow themselves. Why? Because they can!
It's auto erotica from Vivid Man."
Position Impossible
You've already got the theme music in your head... now be prepared to be blown away for the freakiest action movie yet. If Tom Cruise could do this... well, he'd never have run off with that Penelope woman.
Because They Can
"When you can blow yourself... you're never alone." So say the liner notes of this amazing four hour video. Featuring dozens of cute hunks autofellating to their heart's content.
You know the old adage, If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!!! Well, these studs do exactly that! Watch these studs suck themselves off into messy gooey orgasms that could only be brought upon by the unique satisfaction of doing a job yourself!
Hot Off The Web 2 and Hot Off The Web 3

Hot off the web 2
It's hard-core cock worship! Straight boys jackin', jocks slappin', and cum lappin' from the hottest amateur guys in San Francisco.
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Hot off the web 3
From the liner notes:
"The third in a series of compilation tapes. This hot tape includes leather, armpit sucking, rimming and two self-suck scenes. It's all amateur San Francisco guys showing how they like to get off. Lots of cum soaked scenes!"
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Self Suckin' Dildo Ridin' Rampage

From the liner notes:
This horny masked bandit deep throats his huge ten incher while watching rare video of himself jammin' his own cock and balls up his tight ass hole. Chance:
As a prelude to a self-inflicted lip lock around the head of his cock, this U.S. Marine limbers up with a sword wieldin' act. But the real stretch doesn't begin until after he grabs the trusty ole' anal plugger.
Before suckin' himself off into the sunset, this self lovin' cock pig does some pretty amazing things with his two-headed buddy. Then - like magic - makes another favorite toy completely vanish up his hungry ass.